Starbucks intros new drugs, umm .. new drinks!

Starbucks intros new drugs, umm .. new drinks!


I’m Will Roberts, & this is the Daily Scream!, ahh, here we go!
Hey, happy birthday 20th Starbucks Frappuccino and to celebrate they are adding flavors, my favorite, Cotton Candy. Starbucks, you should be proud of yourselves. You managed to take one of the oldest drinks; Coffee and add so much sugar and artificial flavoring we’ve managed to pass our kids up on the amount of sugar they take in each day.

Lets face it, there is just so much you can add to something be for you have nothing of what is was originally. If you have a filet mignon and use ketchup all it, then let me save you some money, BUY a minute steak.

Same with your coffee, a Frappuccino is 64 grams of Sugar; that’s a 20 oz Coke. Plus, since we are into pairing foods up these days. I’d to make a suggestion on what to pair with your Frappuccino. Say, a really good health care plan and a last Will & Testament.

Also, this Frappuccino story was a headline in the papers, ahead of the News story of a prison escape.

So, if you see someone on the streets, and they look like an escaped convict, and you’re not packin. Give them you Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino, that is bound to kill them faster than a lethal injection.

Now, I gotta get out of here and go get my fix of morning coffee!

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