Shallow Tails Guide Service Knows What’s ‘Biting’ in the Miami Flats


Shallow Tails Guide Service Knows What’s ‘Biting’ in the Miami Flats

By Amy Lignor

For those who do not yet know, and those fishing enthusiasts—everything from light tackle to fly fishing—who want to go where the sun always shines in order to make that perfect catch, the fact is this: Miami plays home to the best flats fishing you can imagine. Those endless flats offer you the likes of bonefish, permit, tarpon and shark, giving you all the thrills of the ‘hunt’ while exploring the crystal clear waters of Biscayne Bay. An area, by the way, that is just a short distance from downtown Miami, making this literally a premier destination for everyone.

Shallow Tails Guide Service is a full-time flats and backcountry fishing guide/charter service based right in the center of all this beauty. The head of this amazing group goes by the name of Captain Raul Montoro, and he’s been flats fishing in Miami for over thirty years. Being a native of the area, he brings his wealth of knowledge to every charter. He knows the workings of the tides and understands the ecosystem all around. He knows exactly how to turn a typical day on the water into one that ‘lands’ everything from seatrout to grouper to ladyfish and that big barracuda just waiting to be found. And for those who are not necessarily anglers, you are still provided with aquamarine waters lit up by a stunning horizon. From the sun to the sharks, everyone gets an incredible trip.

It is near impossible to find another flats fishing destination that affords unparalleled light tackle fishing within just ten miles of a major city – a city that just happens to be filled with all the fun spots a human can enjoy while on land. Now, of course, is the time to book a Miami Flats Fishing trip with the Captain because the winter fishing season which runs from January through March is the prime time to catch big bonefish as well as gag grouper and more. The colder weather does its’ job by keeping algae from blooming, thus keeping the water perfectly clear and making it ideal for sight fishing. Migratory baitfish are drawn into the bay with the colder weather, allowing predatory species to feed aggressively. And when springtime hits (March-May), large schools of bonefish and tarpon appear in the Miami waters stirring up even more excitement for the avid angler.

The locations are varied and amazing. The Biscayne Bay area flats, lagoons, and mangroves are stunning. But if the trophy bonefish are not on the feed, the bay is not the only place you can choose. When it comes to booking with Shallow Tails, you can choose to travel from the bay to the Flamingo Everglades to the Florida Keys to Islamorada. During the peak of tarpon season, Islamorada is the place to intercept the giant tarpon on their migratory journey. If it is time for snook, then heading to the backcountry mangroves of Flamingo Everglades National Park, where trophy snook lie in wait to ambush baitfish, is where the Captain will head. If the fishing is best in the Keys, then prowling the flats there will be the spot to choose. Every single one of these areas are offered to make your trip the ‘one to remember.’

Whether it be a family trip you are planning for or the best work-related/corporate event you can think of, Shallow Tails Guide Service provides not only Florida fishing licenses but also bait, tackle that runs the gambit of fly fishing gear to light tackle spinning gear, and even artificial lures and bait.

Many guided trips are available: From Full Day trips (Running 8 Hours at $700.00) in Biscayne Bay, Flamingo Everglades National Park, Tarpon Fishing in Biscayne Bay, as well as the Florida Keys/Islamorada. You can also book Half Day excursions that even include night tarpon fishing adventures. From three-day to five-day to seven-day packages, anglers, friends, family, and even children are welcome on the water!

Want to book a one or two boat trip; or, perhaps, the multi-boats needed for your next corporate event? Then it is time to head to Shallow Tails and get exactly what you’re looking for.

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