YOUNG Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark!

YOUNG Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark!


Nerium International, at only 2 ½ years old is making its mark in many ways. Record sales in its first year of over $100 million with just one product was just one of the firsts.


Now a record number of what we call YEPPERS (Young Entrepreneurs) are making their mark, earning their FREE Lexus and building residual income that will pay them and their families for the rest of their lives.


The leadership skills these young Brand Partners are gaining and the personal development that comes along with this business is creating happy and responsible leaders of the future.


Nerium International is a company where high tech meets the personal touch and relationship building. Learn how you can run your business on your smart phone!


Meet Nerium’s Young Stars!

Posted on April 11, 2014 by Admin


yep logoNerium is thrilled to announce our first issue of YEP magazine – a brand new publication dedicated to sharing the success
stories of some of our YEPpers! These young adults are interested in building their lives on their own terms, and they share their paths to success in this new publication.
This is a great tool to share with your friends, classmates and coworkers. Sure, you could talk all day about the YEPpers you know who’ve found amazing success with Nerium… but why not let a third-party tool tell the story? This tool is specifically targeted for young entrepreneurs (ages 18-24), so it’s perfect. Hand them a copy of YEP magazine and step aside!
Sneak Peek


To get a preview of this exciting new magazine watch this video.
Interactive Technology


Nerium’s YEP magazine is much more than a pretty publication. We know that YEP can’t be confined to the pages of a magazine. We’ve integrated the services of Layar. Layar is the world’s most downloaded app for viewing interactive print. What does that mean? You can use your phone to scan a page in the magazine, and you’ll be taken to entertaining digital content, including videos and slideshows that you can then share on social media. Nerium’s YEP magazine is a tool that can reach the people right in front of you AND people across the country from you!

For more info contact Betsy Smith 847-431-3536

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