Why You Ought Subscribe to Guy Harvey Magazine


Why You Ought Subscribe to Guy Harvey Magazine


There are more than 7,000 consumer magazines in the United States but it’s safe to say that none are like Guy Harvey Magazine. Not only does the publication have stunning National Geographic-like photography but the articles focus on the oceans, 15COVER_finalresponsible fishing practices, high-tech gear, exotic travel and the “art of marine conservation.” The magazine has enlisted the planet’s most accomplished writers and photographers to contribute well-crafted articles – from high-adrenaline fishing expeditions in Panama and Fiji, to the proliferation of controversial Marine Life Protection Areas, to profiles of top fishing and conservation personalities around the world.


Because Dr. Guy Harvey is a Marine Biologist, the magazine attracts a long list of PhDs, who present their most current research about fishing, the state of the fisheries, aquaculture and the future of our oceans. In addition to scientists, world-famous fishermen like Flip Pallot, Mark Sosin, Lefty Kreh, Rob Fordyce, Bill Boyce and many others impart their knowledge to the loyal readership.


There are plenty of great fishing magazines on the market but only Guy Harvey Magazine takes the fisherman beyond the art of angling by discussing what it takes to create sustainable fisheries so that future anglers will have gamefish to catch.  Articles on plastics in the ocean, the future of fish farming or how swordfish went from being endangered to prolific through proper management (written by pre-eminent expert Dr. John Graves) set Guy Harvey Magazine apart from any other journal written for the ocean enthusiast.

To Learn More About the Oceans Around You Subscribe to; Guy Harvey Magazine


Over the years, the publication has won numerous awards for its layout, design, photography and writing and continues to attract accolades from the marine and scientific community.  Like Dr. Guy Harvey himself, who is unique blend of explorer, filmmaker, scientist, writer, speaker and, of course, artist, the magazine is also a combination of many elements that has readers always asking for more.

To Learn More About the Oceans Around You Subscribe to: Guy Harvey Magazine





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