Tidewater Boats Leads Way in Value Segment Center Consoles


Tidewater Boats Leads Way in Value Segment Center Consoles

by Capt. Ted Lund


Whether it’s the diminutive 1784 Skiff or the flagship 2800CC, Tidewater Boats is leading the way for boaters in the market for a center console.

Few —if any manufacturers —offer the combination boat lengths, horsepower, performance and materials and Tidewater 2craftsmanship in this market segment, according to Tidewater’s Marketing director, Jai Couture.

“This is not the low end of the market,”says Couture. “Tidewater is a leader in the value segment of the market and we strive every day to deliver the most boat for the money.”

The small, family-owned boat builder is taking advantage of its recent membership in the Independent Boat Builders group, IBBI. This allows the manufacturer to consolidate purchasing power with other members of the marine consortium, including Scout, Key West, Regulator Marine and Contender.

“Our participation in IBBI allows us to use the same components and materials as some of these large, corporate-oriented boat builders and deliver more boat for the buck,”says Couture. “This group is bigger than Brunswick Marine, and allows us to use that purchasing power to offer tremendous value to our owners.”

All of Tidewater’s models are crafted from the latest composite materials, eliminating traditional materials like wood or inferior components that degrade over time. Each boat in the Tidewater line is foam-filled, providing safety, compfortTidewater Boats and strong hulls.

“And all of Tidewater’s boats are distinctive,”says Couture. “Our designs are proprietary; we’re not using old molds from other manufacturers that have gone out of business. We have a tooling department that builds each new model from scratch  —allowing us to control the design process from cradle to grave.”

The boat’s Carolina-indulgenced designs are unlike anything else on the market, says Couture.

“For the most part, if you remove the decals from the majority of our competitors hulls you couldn’t tell them apart,”says Couture. “They all look the same, they have copied each others physical characteristics.  Our boats have a distinctive broken shear Carolina Flair design.  Nothing looks like a Tidewater.  The look is very distinctive—and functional.  The flair and broken shear provides a more comfortable boating experience.

And Couture wants to leave you with this thought:

“We say it a lot around here; No company builds a perfect boat, but at Tidewater, we try every day.”

To learn more about Tidewater’s unique line of boats or to locate a dealership near you, visit tidewaterboats.com. The company can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestlyle.com


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