Millennials Struggle with the Theory of Hard Work

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  Millennials Struggle with the Theory of Hard Work by Amy Lignor   With the political fight that’s occurring out there, the theory of what hard work really means is a subject of discussion. Take the present-day billionaires in the millennial category. There are those out there who are extremely jealous of those people who […]

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year!!! Wishing you & yours happiness, success, prosperity and peace int the New Year!

The Perfect Alignment of Body & Mind…On One Wheel


The Perfect Alignment of Body & Mind…On One Wheel  ~ Carmen Schwarz There is a balance to everything in the outdoor world. Whether speaking about the environment and the animals that live within that environment, or the human factor and how humans must work hard (harder) to balance themselves within their surrounding environment. But there […]

Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe


Be First Social Media Team Means Being Safe ~ James Moore Your business is not, and should not be treated as a Hollywood life. Unfortunately, for some businesses, they use a Hollywood/celebrity in their campaigns, and the effects can be horrific.   Everyone remembers two particular ad campaigns from the past. One was a campaign […]

YouTube Brings in the Clients


YouTube Brings in the Clients  ~ by Sherry Gillam Cable news is still watched by many…but not too many in 2014. Seems Comedy Central’s team of Stewart and Colbert are the biggest choice when it comes to news. Because even though they’re hysterical, they are actually telling the absolute truth and exploring the headlines. The […]

Photo Effects That Enhance Your Site


Photo Effects That Enhance Your Site ~ James Moore The photographer has always been seen in the category of artist. Like a painter sitting in a room with the sun blazing in as they construct a beauty that will one day (hopefully) be hanging on the wall of a museum, the photographer also has a […]

The Corporate Ladder is a Chain That No Longer Brings Success


     by James Moore Everyone talks about climbing up the proverbial ladder in order to be successful. There are many ways to do this; however, managers and executives are finding out in 2013 that the corporate ladder is not exactly the way to run a company if they are looking for financial success in […]

I Divvy Out My Divine Divinity

I Am Privy to Divvy Out the Clout of My Divine Divinity Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching I am privy to divvy out the clout of my divine divinity that opens way for my magical maharishi to affluently galvanize-the-wise-of-my intra-stellar clairvoyance sagaciously hallowing My innate intrepidness that initiates the date mating my animated thaumaturgy igniting-the-light-of-my neon […]


USS Nimitz Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching How does the USS Nimitz mirror the wealth of the world? The USS Nimitz is an aircraft carrier belonging to the United States Navy named after Admiral Nimitz. Admiral Chester William Nimitz was a wise man during WWII, with an aircraft carrier named for his wisdom and preeminent leadership. […]

I Am Alive

I Am Alive Like a Beehive with the Buzz of Because Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching I am alive like a beehive with the buzz of because, because I am brazenly emblazing-my credence astutely unsheathing acumen-eyes-zing soothsayer enterprising energies to propel Compelling the thrills of my rich regal realness into the state-of-the-art ethers expanding tenacious hegemony […]