Five Proven Rigs for Dolphin

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  Five Proven Rigs for Dolphin By Craig Lamb Dolphin, sometimes called the mahi-mahi, are one of the tastiest, sporting game fish in the sea. This species is especially fun to catch during summer, when schools of dolphin congregate around drifting objects like grass, floating debris or offshore drilling platforms. Hook up with one dolphin […]

Redfish for Beginners

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  Redfish for Beginners By Craig Lamb The red drum—or redfish—is the most popular coastal game fish from the Chesapeake Bay south to Texas. Red drum favors shallower water that makes this sporting gamefish easier for beginning saltwater anglers to find and catch. Follow these basics for tackle, locations and tactics to get in on […]

Fishing for Black Sea Bass

Recreational Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Sea Bass, Tidewater Boats, Yamaha Outboards

  Fishing for Black Sea Bass By Craig Lamb Abundant, easy to catch and an epicurean delight. That’s the black sea bass, a bottom species that is found throughout a wide range of depths and places along coastal areas. From New England to Florida anglers enjoy fishing for sea bass from bays and tidal rivers, […]

Go Tripletail for Tasty Fare, Sporting Challenge

Atlantic Triple Tail, Bay Boat, Recreational Fishing, Saltwater Fishing

  Go Tripletail for Tasty Fare, Sporting Challenge By Craig Lamb Catching the tastiest inshore fish of them all, while fishing for a species that is a master of disguise. You get that challenge and reap the benefits at the table when fishing for tripletail. The tripletail gets its name from the dimensions and placement […]

Go Skiing With Tidewater

Recreational Boating, Recreational Fishing, Water Skiing

  Go Skiing With Tidewater By Craig Lamb Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Those hand gestures mean more than acknowledging that you like something. In skiing terms, the thumbs up gesture means the skier wants boat speed to increase. Back off the throttle when thumbs go down. Those are just two of the seven skier hand […]

Lowrance provided Serious Excitement on and off the Water at the Bassmaster Classic

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  Lowrance provided Serious Excitement on and off the Water at the Bassmaster Classic Lowrance® continued its domination of America’s tournament-fishing circuit late last month as Lowrance Pro Jordan Lee won the 2017 Bassmaster Classic Championship on Lake Conroe in Houston, Texas. A 25-year-old professional angler from Guntersville, Alabama, Lee became the sixth consecutive Lowrance […]

Hook the Future TV Means What It Says

Don Dingman, Freshwater Fishing, Hook the future, Kids Fishing, Recreational Fishing, Saltwater Fishing

  Hook the Future TV Means What It Says By Craig Lamb Capt. Don Dingman’s idea of hosting a TV fishing show with kids as guests were met with skepticism by a producer. “He wanted me to follow a script, say all the right things, do this and do that,” recalled Dingman. “I wanted to […]

Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years

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  Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years  For six decades, the iconic brand Lowrance has led the fishing and boating industries in product innovation and customer service, supported professional anglers around the globe and dominated the tournament trail. But how did it all begin? Founded by Darrell J. Lowrance, the company revolutionized the fishing […]