Faces Change in Free Agency

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  Faces Change in Free Agency by Amy Lignor   Just this past week the National Football League’s brand new pre-season went into play, with deals and steals happening from one coast to the other. These days are all about transactions and transformations (hopefully positive ones) to teams that need help. The biggest news came […]

Romo…Romo…Where For Art Thou?


  Romo…Romo…Where For Art Thou? By Amy Lignor   Thankfully, Tony Romo is right where he should be again; right behind the center of the Dallas Cowboys. But at the start of Sunday’s game, the angels were most definitely crying. It gave you a bit of a chill if you were a Cowboys fan to […]

Hopefully Preseason is Not a Prelude to the NFL Season


  Hopefully Preseason is Not a Prelude to the NFL Season ~ by Amy Lignor   Thus far, most football fans can agree that the NFL preseason has run along the lines of a popular children’s song: “This is the song that never ends.”   This is best highlighted when speaking about Tom Brady, whose […]