Bait Magnets

Chum, Chumming, George Mitchell, Saltwater Fishing, Yamaha Outboards

  Bait Magnets By Capt. Gus Cane Live bait enthusiasts know you can never have too much bait on board and one of the fastest ways to “black out” a live well is by chumming. Several methods are effective, but soaking frozen blocks of chum is the most popular. Available at tackle shops and marinas, […]

Terminally Well

Coastal Chaos, George Mitchell, Saltwater Fishing, Shark fishing, Yamaha Outboards

  Terminally Well By Capt. Gus Cane Even the most expensive rods and reels are worthless without critical hardware. Catching coastal fish requires a wide variety of terminal tackle—the hooks, swivels, line, leader, crimps and other components that complete the rigs. You might be targeting a certain species. But in the briny, you never know […]