BFMG Exclusive: Daniel L. Davis and Democracy Awake


  BFMG Exclusive: Daniel L. Davis and Democracy Awake by Ted Lund   Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis will retire in August 2015 after 30 total years of service to his country in the U.S. Army. While on active duty, he saw posts in Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and on several Army bases in […]

Je Suis Charle and are we really able to speak freely?


  Je Suis Charle and are we really able to speak freely?   Knock knock, who’s there? Je Suis, Je Suis who?  I’ll tell ya who. Now sometimes this cowboy humorist, me. Sets down his pen and puts aside his humor to deal with a more serious side of society. But today the PEN is […]

Goodell & Selig: Commissioners Facing Questions


Goodell & Selig: Commissioners Facing Questions ~Amy Lignor When it comes to the ‘bug guns’ in the world of sports, there are two men that make the headlines for many things – right and wrong decisions, as far as the public is concerned. Goodell is the heavyweight in the NFL. This is a man who […]

The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom


The Core of the ‘Village’ is Mom  ~ Carmen Schwartz Whenever we speak about animals, the environment, helping kids, doing things better in order to make the next generation not only proud, but also have the ability to live in a good, clean world with good, clean air – there is an important person in […]

I Divvy Out My Divine Divinity

I Am Privy to Divvy Out the Clout of My Divine Divinity Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching I am privy to divvy out the clout of my divine divinity that opens way for my magical maharishi to affluently galvanize-the-wise-of-my intra-stellar clairvoyance sagaciously hallowing My innate intrepidness that initiates the date mating my animated thaumaturgy igniting-the-light-of-my neon […]


USS Nimitz Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching How does the USS Nimitz mirror the wealth of the world? The USS Nimitz is an aircraft carrier belonging to the United States Navy named after Admiral Nimitz. Admiral Chester William Nimitz was a wise man during WWII, with an aircraft carrier named for his wisdom and preeminent leadership. […]

I Am Alive

I Am Alive Like a Beehive with the Buzz of Because Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching I am alive like a beehive with the buzz of because, because I am brazenly emblazing-my credence astutely unsheathing acumen-eyes-zing soothsayer enterprising energies to propel Compelling the thrills of my rich regal realness into the state-of-the-art ethers expanding tenacious hegemony […]

Adventurous Curio

My Core Curio Opens Out My Adventurous Hero Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching My core curio opens out my adventurous hero freeing my valiant voyager to soar with avatar stalwart omnipotence audaciously revolutionizing unworldly utopian foresight unlocking The swagger of my internal tiger to walk the earthly realm enlivening the deity ethers with intuitive innovation Expanding […]

Listen to be Keen

I Listen To Be Bold To Express My Keen Acuity Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching I listen to be bold to express my keen acuity showcasing my enterprising sagacity to open out my witty wise winning innovation sanctioning My lively straightforward “I am nobleness” tantalizing-my imaginative oracle-eyes-zing newness igniting newfangled grandness in every facet of my […]


Seas of Success Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Eye sail my seas of success as the Captain of my ship unleashing savvy embolden awe-inspiring savant sassiness untethering-my cascading cash-flow Energizing superstar stubbornness in core courage to empathically enlighten the cosmos with electrifying nu-clear laudable intuitive godliness heaven-eyes-zing earthly Newborn audacious curiosity animating undaunted declarations astutely culminating […]