Millennials Struggle with the Theory of Hard Work

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  Millennials Struggle with the Theory of Hard Work by Amy Lignor   With the political fight that’s occurring out there, the theory of what hard work really means is a subject of discussion. Take the present-day billionaires in the millennial category. There are those out there who are extremely jealous of those people who […]

‘WOW’ is the Keyword in Painting


  When speaking about WOW 1 DAY! Painting, ‘WOW’ is the keyword. In this fast-paced, technologically savvy world, the ‘time’ element is something everyone thinks about. Rushing from job to home, taking the kids to practice, paying the bills – everything in life seems to be set on high-gear. So when it comes to home […]

‘WOW’ – Social Media Works Well For a $100 Million Company!

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  ‘WOW’ – Social Media Works Well For a $100 Million Company!    Fortune Magazine is certainly a name that’s familiar to one and all. This is also the magazine that spotlighted a company brand that everyone has come to know, from Canada to North America to Australia – “1-800-Got-Junk?”   Then there’s Inc. Magazine, […]

Irvine Chamber of Commerce Reaching Out to “Micro Entrepreneurs”

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a new online community for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The “Micropreneur Community” provides small-scale entrepreneurs the opportunity to share ideas, seek solutions to problems, and network with other entrepreneurs and professionals from many disciplines.