Yamaha Offers More Than Just Outboard Motors

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  Yamaha Offers More Than Just Outboard Motors FROM FUEL EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILITY IN THEIR MOTORS TO NEW MOTOR PROMOTIONS AND HELM MASTER™, THERE’S A LOT OF GOOD THINGS GOING ON By George Mitchell Yamaha Pro Staff   Last week I was fishing out of the Miami Beach Marina on a 32 Yellowfin with twin […]

Get the Right Gaff!

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  Get the Right Gaff! By Capt. Gus Cane Nets work well for handling smaller inshore species, but for big, powerful adversaries gaffs are the preferred tool for landing fish. There are several sizes, lengths and even styles of gaffs though, so getting the right one is important. Gaffs handles are usually made of aluminum […]

Terminally Well

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  Terminally Well By Capt. Gus Cane Even the most expensive rods and reels are worthless without critical hardware. Catching coastal fish requires a wide variety of terminal tackle—the hooks, swivels, line, leader, crimps and other components that complete the rigs. You might be targeting a certain species. But in the briny, you never know […]

The Versatile Ballyhoo

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  The Versatile Ballyhoo By Capt. Gus Cane When targeting reef and offshore gamefish, the versatile ballyhoo is an excellent bait choice. Fished whole or cut into chunks, ballyhoo will entice everything from snapper to dolphin to blue marlin. It’s readily available, either live or frozen, and can be rigged in a variety of ways. […]