The Zen of a Perfectly-Balanced Bow


  The Zen of a Perfectly-Balanced Bow   By Patrick Meitin   Balance is everything in archery, from pure physical balance, to matching bows with ideal accessories to balance needs particular to specific conditions faced in the field. So with that in mind, let’s delve deeper into balance and how it can help you shoot […]

The Sound of Silence


  The Sound of Silence by Rob Reaser   Since the start of the compound bow era nearly 50 years ago, manufacturers have worked diligently to make their products lighter and faster. It’s a task they have conquered exceedingly well, but always with a subtle “swimming upstream” caveat. With these faster-shooting, lighter-weighing, and smaller-profile bows […]

TRUGLO® Supports Shooting Sports for Women


  TRUGLO® Supports Shooting Sports for Women By Joe Byers More and more women are discovering the great adventure of the outdoors and the self-satisfaction and self-confidence gained through shooting sports.  These achievements are made possible by a host of organizations and companies like TRUGLO® that help women to get started.  Unless you grew up […]

Sighting Options: Going Solo (Part 1)


  Sighting Options: Going Solo (Part 1) by Joe Byers A young man moved into my neighborhood and we quickly became friends when he saw the 3-D deer target in my back yard.  “I’ve always wanted to learn to bow hunt,” he remarked one day and I soon had him set-up. An athletic person, he […]

Flying Arrow’s Practice Point flies just like the Toxic broadhead


  Flying Arrow’s Practice Point flies just like the Toxic broadhead By Burt Carey Tired of destroying broadheads during practice sessions at the range? Flying Arrow Archery developed the Practice Point just for you. The 100-grain Practice Point is a single piece of steel ferrule wrapped with an injected polycarbonate that is designed to mimic […]

Flying Arrow Products


  Flying Arrow Products by Ted Lund   Chris Rager is no stranger to building world-class archery products. A passionate archer and product designer, Rager cut his teeth with his previous company, Trophy Ridge/Rocket Aeroheads in 2001. Since then, Rager has spend countless days in the field in the quest to develop better archery equipment. […]

TRUGLO’s Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP™) Technology


  See More of Your Target With TRUGLO’s Decreasing Diameter Pin (DDP™) Technology There’s nothing fancy about the fact that as the distance between you and your target increases, the size of your target decreases. Doesn’t it make sense, then, that the sight pins on your bow should allow you to see more of your […]

TenPoint Leading the Charge


  TenPoint Leading the Charge for North American Crossbow Hunting   Only one state – Oregon – blocks hunters from using crossbows. Go ahead: Read that again. Just 20 years ago, the controversy surrounding the concept of hunting big and small game with a device created in the 5th century BC was raging across the […]