Esports on a Meteoric Rise in 2017

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  Esports on a Meteoric Rise in 2017 by Amy Lignor   Okay…we all know that football is America’s favorite sport. Or…is it? NASCAR has a wide following. People still love to go to the ballpark in the lazy summer days to watch a Yankee hit a homerun. There are those who love to practically […]

Super Bowl 50 Ads One of TV’s Hottest Commodities


  Super Bowl 50 Ads One of TV’s Hottest Commodities By Burt Carey With CBS announcing this week that it has sold virtually all of its advertising slots for Super Bowl 50, the anticipation of what those ads will be is heating up. The broadcast company has benefitted from the National Football League’s golden anniversary […]

Black Lives Matter Is Not An Advertising Slogan!


  Black Lives Matter Is Not An Advertising Slogan!   I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go! Well, this weekend I did a lot of traveling and had the chance to stare at billboards and listen to the radio. Oh, if you’re 20 years old and under you might […]

The Social Media Team’s Back to Basics


   by James Moore It is no wonder that small businesses are getting lost in the social media shuffle. It seems like every day new ideas, platforms, networks and more, arrive on the scene. There are companies sprouting up offering the ‘best of’ campaigns, and each CEO/owner out there is wondering what on earth they’re […]

Winning a Solid Image for Your Company

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  Yes, there is a difference between public relations and advertising, although the two used to be farther apart on the creative scale before the world of social media came along. There are many companies and small businesses, however, who still believe that PR is something for a Hollywood star and brings no actual benefits […]

What Makes Pinterest Appealing

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  Pinterest is still what you would call an amateur – a baby fish in a pond full of sharks. The sharks are adorned with the familiar names of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more. However, this little goldfish is growing by leaps and bounds, and seems to be plowing ahead with a sparkling future. Actually, […]

Listen to the Teens!


  Listen to the Teens!   Nope. Not kidding. In some cases, teens know a great deal more than their parental units – especially when it comes to utilizing the World Wide Web to the best of its abilities. Teens have the know-how simply because they have used the Internet constantly and made sure to […]

Tiger Woods Takes the Lead Again

Tiger Woods

  Ask anyone and they will have a different answer. What solves everything? Some will say Santa Claus does (although this will mostly be the ‘under five’ crowd.) The next age group – the ‘tween’ market – will say either cell phones or one hot vampire who has made their lives pure heaven for the […]

Google+ & Facebook Go Head-to-Head

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  Google+ & Facebook Go Head-to-Head   When the statistics came out a few months ago letting the world know that Google+ (the little train that could), took second place in the social media realm, people started talking. Now, yes, they are a distant second, but they are visibly working their way up to ‘slap’ […]

Ootem Advertising Hires Seashal Belldina to Lead New Business Development

Ootem Advertising, a San Francisco-based advertising agency, announced they have hired Seashal Belldina as Vice President of Strategic Development. Ms. Belldina will be responsible for generating new business opportunities, as well as the strategic … View full post on Current News – California