Nerium Officially Launches In Canada To Rave Reviews!

­Nerium Officially Launches In Canada To Rave Reviews!


Nerium International launched its unique Optimera brand in Canada over the last month and the reception has been amazing.


And people are flocking to the business opportunity.  Nerium posted record sales in the US doing over $400 million in just 30 months, making the opportunity to be first in Canada a no brainer!  For info contact me.  Betsy Smith : or for a video on the company


Reviews are popping up everywhere.  Check out this one from The Goodie Bag.

Optimera Day & Night Cream Review

May 31, 2014 by Macey Nielissent

optimeraNerium International
 has released its Optimera skincare line exclusively in Canada. Without the unnecessary jargon, the Optimera night and day cream can be explained as an extraordinary skincare line that appeals to the ordinary girl.

The night cream and day cream duo are presented in sleek, slender bottles that are easily deciphered by the girl on the go; navy for the dark of night and silver for the shine of daylight (so that you don’t have to read the small print).

There are two assurances one can hope for when choosing skincare products that will be part of their daily routine: validation by science and sincere results that live up to the product claims. As your everyday consumer, one may not have the education to evaluate the science or technology a company preaches to clients, or the financial capacity to purchase the product without guaranteed quality. To begin, Optimera has a 30-day money back guarantee that supports the weary eye. The clinical trials, however, revealed that 93% of participants had improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and 97% had improvement in skin radiance. Not to mention a quick scan of Google search (I know you already did this) is free of negative reviews, side effect cautions, and focuses rather on the reliability and credibility of the main ingredient SAL-14 extract derived from plant cell duplication (sounds legit right?).

Additionally, Optimera meets all international regulatory requirements (most of us don’t know what those are but we know they are important) and is free of parabens, gluten, propylene glycol, sulfates, DEA, or synthetic colours (who isn’t gluten free these days?). The Optimera line is the only duo on the market that contains this natural blend of elements, which produce improvements in the elasticity and appearance of the skin.

What’s more is Nerium’s business approach, which is based on a culture of family (ironically genetics plays a role in whether we develop these God-awful wrinkles, thanks Mom!) and the goal of community. Nerium International does not merely market and sell, they want their clients to participate and prosper with their success. Their mission statement: Make People Better, represents their dedication to giving back to the community. Nerium International has raised more than $800,000 since 2012 towards Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. For $188.00 CAD you can purchase both the day and night cream (or if you’re a student you can hope for free samples).

Real Science, Real RESULTS!

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