Increased Success with Rio Ammunition


Increased Success with Rio Ammunition

by Troutski

Whether you’re tracking your favorite game or on the range, Rio Ammo is your ammunition source to increase your success afield!


The NEW Rio Ammunition website is just what the ‘doctor’ ordered! A comprehensive resource that will allow both hunters and Front Pageshooters the ability to educate themselves on the Rio Ammo product lines, offering technical data and information so everyone can choose the best ammunition to get the job done!


The Rio Ammunition website outlines specifics about ammunition, technical information, tips, news and events that are informative regardless of your shooting interests. With more video, information and a user friendly design, the new Rio Ammo website will make you a RIO customer today and forever!  With one “click”, you can download the entire 2014 Master Catalogto find what you need as easy as saying “pull”!


Rio Ammunition is the name that has served the industry for over 100 years, never failing to supply the very best to the shooting community. Not only does Rio Ammunition continue to produce the highest quality products, but they are always a leader when it comes to discovering and creating new technology.


For example, the Rio Game Loads offer excellent performance in the field.  From the upland game stopping power to the heavy hitting power of the turkey loads, Rio Game Loads are a “must” to make sure your game bags are full when the day is done. Plus, for the small gauge hunter, Rio Ammo covers all of your needs with a diverse product mix for the .410, 16, 20 and 28 gauge fans.


The waterfowl hunter will be thrilled with Rio Bismuth and BlueSteel, both bringing lethal, yet non-toxic power and velocity to adverse conditions. And if your goal is to bring home that trophy whitetail or wild hog, Rio Buckshot or Slugs are the best choices when it comes to reliability and performance.


Range reliability is mandatory and the Rio Target Loads are yet another fantastic choice that will bring you confidence when it comes to performance.  By delivering dense and compact patterns, Rio Target Loads are the ones to trust whether you are shooting sporting clays, trap or skeet.


The history, the excellence…Rio Ammunition has always utilized the latest technology and the finest materials when it comes to their reloading components. Not to mention, Rio manufactures ALL their products in-house. Just another way Rio Ammunition assures you of their unmatched commitment to quality and performance.




With the high demand of their ammunition, RIO Ammunition is committed to delivering their products to meet the needs of today’s shooters and hunters.  Breaking ground in early April on a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Marshall, Texas, Rio Ammunition plans to employ upwards of 60 employees—filling this 105,000 square foot facility with people who have the drive and honor to make the next 100 years even better than the first! Scheduled to be operational in early 2015, Rio Ammunition is positioning itself as a top-shelf player in the ammunition industry, with this investment that reinforces their commitment to U.S. and Canadian markets.


Most of all, Rio Ammunition reinforces its commitment to you!


To learn more about Rio Ammunition visit their website at:


Also, check out our Facebook a page at


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