Honoring Our Veterans with Green Employment

Honoring Our Veterans with Green Employment

~ Samantha Lewis 

July 4th has just been celebrated. The rockets red glared and the bombs bursted in air…reminding one and all to honor the men and women who have and still bravely fight to keep our freedom intact. Of course, with all careers – including military – there comes a time when something else military-unemployment-benefits-17007079_largeneeds to be done. Veterans make up a large facet of our communities; men and women who are looking for work and are undeniably strong when it comes to being loyal to a project and getting the job done right.


It is a known fact that in this country the unemployment rate has risen. Although times have looked better recently, there are still many veterans both young and old who need a job from the country that they have given so much to. The number of unemployed veterans still stands above the national average, which is a bit frightening considering the fact that these are people who have proven their work ethic, and own the experience and leadership necessary in today’s world to better business and better the planet.


When it comes to the ‘best of the best’ – the heroes and heroines that we should all look up to with respect and thanks – there are places in the job community that are expanding each and every day. That place is all about protection and reinvention. That place is the ‘greening’ of America. And what better people to do these jobs than the ones who already know what it means to protect and better this country?


Veterans Green Jobs is a nonprofit organization that does its part in reversing the unemployment of veterans and creating jobs. Referred to as the ‘Veterans Green Force’, this outreach program recruits and places veterans in ‘green’ jobs, matching their experiences and talents to the perfect job that involves the protection of our natural resources.


Veterans are well suited for jobs in the green community, taking responsibility for everything from energy efficiency projects and conservation jobs to employment in the areas of green construction and building; environmental remediation and response; and sustainable agriculture. All of these job positions are long-term, and they provide both economic and environmental benefits to the entire nation. It makes sense, considering the fact that no one would be a better choice than veterans when it comes to helping the United States achieve energy independence and secure a cleaner world.


The Veterans Green Force helps our men and women transition with ease from the military realm into the civilian workforce. Job seekers research and study ahead of time, learning what their communities need when it comes to green help and becoming conscious of the businesses that work to make that goal happen. Veterans are helped with networking opportunities, job fairs and events that open doors to the green businesses out there looking for reliable, dependable veterans who can bring their special training, abilities and talents to their crew.


It is not an odd statement to say that the ones who worked the hardest for ‘us’ should be given the chance as civilians to help this nation. Our carbon footprint needs to be diminished. Reforestation, the cleaning up of habitats that have gone bad, the ability to rejuvenate areas of this land in order to stop any of our species from becoming endangered. Construction and energy projects that are now including massive solar and wind efforts being made by companies out there…there is a never-ending list of prospects for our veterans when it comes to green industries.


And, let’s face it – it is important to make sure that the U.S. gives back to the ones who gave to them.




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