Hip Blog, Refinery 29, Recommends NeriumAD!

Hip Blog, Refinery 29, Recommends NeriumAD!


The word it out!  Bring on the BUZZ.  When a product gives you REAL RESULTS, friends tell friends.  And that is exactly how Nerium has spread across the country and now into Canada!


Check out what Refinery 29 has to say!  http://www.refinery29.com/anti-aging-cream#slide-5


10455030_764261716959030_3588460374524358454_nWith a track record of over $400 million in sales in just 30 months mostly with one product and in one country, it is no wonder that sales of the latest addition to the line, NeriumFirm, is also HOT!
375,000 tubes of NeriumFirm flew off the shelves in just the first 2 hours!  The before and after pictures are coming in and results rival NeriumAD, the anti-aging night cream for the face, neck and chest.


Got saggy knees?  A squiggly tummy?  Wrinkly arms?  NeriumFirm diminishes the appearance of cellulite and aging skin.


Summer season is in full swing, and there’s no denying the great results of NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream! NeriumFirm is a hot commodity, as we’ve seen by how quickly our contouring cream is getting into customers’ hands. We want to help everyone experience the results that NeriumFirm creates.


For more info on purchasing and the summer deals see below or contact me.  Betsy Smith 847-431-3536.  Or order at:  http://www.nerium.com/Customers.aspx?ID=namaste


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