Having a Green ‘Star-Spangled’ Holiday

How the Rockets Can be Green This July 4th!

~ Samantha Lewis

When summer comes along only good and happy thoughts appear. The kids are out of school – free to ride those bikes and head outside for a little freedom after being holed up in the classroom all winter long. Parents are ecstatic because the polar vortex is gone and brilliant sunshine awaits. Fourth_of_JulyWeekends can be spent with friends and family, and every aspect of Mother Nature can truly be enjoyed.

And now…one of the biggest holidays of the year comes along. July 4th is almost here, and the rocket’s red glare will be seen all over the country – from small towns to big cities. Barbecues will be up and running, and pool parties will be crammed with giddy people who need a well-deserved rest!

But there is also something else you can (and should) think about this July 4th; and that is the ability to have those red rockets glaring in the sky while also having the ‘greenest’ parties imaginable. Saving the planet is a big thing – especially for those of us who want to spend many July 4th’s enjoying the Great Outdoors.

It is incredibly easy to insert the ‘green’ into the red-white-and-blue. And the very first thing to do is something almost everyone heads to the grocery stores to pick up in order to host that perfect party. Disposable plates, cups and utensils are easy when it comes to serving a whole lot of guests, but by utilizing your regular plates, cups, etcetera, you are doing your part in saving the environment.


The second way of thinking ‘green’ is basically the easiest thing to do in the world. Shut off the lights in the house and close the doors, people. It is summertime! It is July 4th! Get outside and enjoy the world out there (before the snow moves back in). You are bringing down your energy costs and diminishing that carbon footprint. Not to mention, you have a whole heck of a lot more fun having the barbecue during the day while the kids throw the Frisbee and you catch up with family and friends. Nature is at your fingertips, so enjoy it!


Also, think about that barbecue/grill of yours. There are many studies out there, but it is propane that wins in the cheaper, faster, and most eco-friendly categories when put up against charcoal.


Yet again, we go back to recyclables for the next way to ‘green’ up that star-spangled day. If you are the type that saves the Christmas wrapping from year to year, than you already know that the decorations for the barbecue or party can certainly be kept for the next time around. This will help save the planet and keep the extremely frustrated trash collector quiet.


The biggest issue on July 4th when it comes to being the ‘greenest’ you can be is the fireworks themselves. But this a tradition that is not going anywhere! Follow those towns and cities, as well as those brave firefighters who keep an eagle eye on July 4th activities by choosing to shoot off fireworks that are high in nitrogen (if shooting them from your own backyard). Way less smoke makes for happier guests and a much cleaner world. But if you can…head to the town-sponsored fireworks and see how the professionals do it. After all, they are the ones who can amaze and excite with their perfect light shows, so don’t miss them!


In the end, don’t forget to recycle the waste. Placing a marked trash can in your backyard for your guests to use is perfect. That way, everything from plastic bottles to aluminum cans to glass will never become a mess.


Have fun while staying ‘green’ this year, and ALWAYS have a safe July 4th!




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