Gregory Brock Live at Salt Creek Wine Company, June 10

Date: June 10, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm

The term “singer/songwriter” is thrown around so loosely today, that it has almost lost its meaning. Gregory Brock has earned that title with a permanent place on the charts. His debut EP has already yielded 2 consecutive top 20 songs. “Rainbow In Your Eyes” reached #18 on Billboard’s “Hot Singles Sales” chart in June, 2010, alongside rock and roll legends The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Neil Young to name a few. His debut single “She” peaked on the same chart at #19 on 11/22/08, and #18 on Canada’s Top 20 singles on 12/01/08.

Gregory has always had an insatiable appetite for music. At an early age he says he “lived for music”. As a songwriter, he draws on the vivid memories, feelings and emotions he felt growing up in California. As far back as he remembers, music had a hypnotic effect on him. He remembers as a young child staring out of the car window desperately trying to block out the sounds of his sibling’s laughter while trying to hear what was playing on the radio. All he wanted to do was to escape into the faraway places it was taking him. He was extremely shy as a kid and music was the medium that would allow him to express himself without reservation.

Gregory believes that those things are the things that mold us, strengthen us, grow us and ultimately turn us into who we are. He continues to write, just as an artist continues to paint. It’s a part of his soul. “I can’t just dismiss that. Something I hear or feel may inspire me, and I have to put it into music- it’s who I am.”

Gregory was born in Los Angeles and has had a love affair with music ever since he can remember. Having 2 older siblings, he was exposed to music at such an early age, it became a major part of his life. He was always pretending to sing and play guitar, and used to go to sleep with a radio under his pillow. He picked up the guitar, taught himself how to play, and began writing songs while still in his teens. While in college, he formed a band and was quickly snatched up by a local talent scout, who put them in the studio to record their 1st demo. While it was a “freshman” attempt, it laid the groundwork for advancing his songwriting ability, and planted the seed which would grow into a fruitful career in music. His most recent EP was produced by Assen Stoyanov, whose credits include such acts as 3 Doors Down and INXS, and was released by Omni Entertainment Inc., who has also worked with Deborah Hurwitz, of Jersey Boys fame.

Salt Creek Wine Company
30100 Town Center Dr., B-2
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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