First Peoples Buffalo Jump

FIRST PEOPLES BUFFALO JUMP, Southwest of Great Falls, MT

~ Diana Lynn

The Interpretive Center wasn’t open @ 8 a.m., I just drove on and found signs for the higher access to the Buffalo Jump off the rocks, over the ledge ~THE Buffalo ran and their legs, necks, backs were broken in many places and the People finished them off!

photo 1

I took many pictures and the first animal besides a small flock of Raven was a big fat Rock Chuck who posed for me, stretched out on its belly and too far for the iPad; cute though, fatter than the ones in Idaho.


Then a very large Rabbit maybe crossed with a Jackrabbit broke cover under a ledge I was standing on and was gone in seconds, this was a big Cottontail!  Many photos of the flowers, cliffs and all the while I could feel the rattlesnakes, continuing to ask for safe passage.


Then another Rock Chuck, this one is slightly closer and after grooming itself, it turned and faced me, a very good photo. On its head were the same markings of a Badger, nature protecting the hunted!  On the way back, I took a different path on the ledge for the most part.

photo 4

On top is a large Prairie Dog Town, the snakes probably only need to eat once or twice a month, these are big and plump.


The smoke is coming in from Hailey, ID, A BIG FIRE.  So the landscape photo of a big flat butte is smoky and no less spectacular.

photo 3

I continue to ask myself, why am I here and the ANSWERs are always the same; relax, enjoy, fill my heart with the love of what makes me happy.  I AM DOING THAT TODAY, July 9TH.


photo 5MY FEET LOVE WALKING ON THE ROCK LEDGES OR ANY BIG ROCKS FOR THAT MATTER.  The rocks send lots of ‘vibrations’ into my feet and I am always aware of that sharing; funny though that I do sense those vibrations, because of the lack of feeling in my feet. The rocks reach out to me by way of my feet; I AM sensing that the vibrations are soaking up my old programs so that my feet might feel good again soon.  Very good words to allow my mind to soak in to my deepest crevices of my soul and past traumas!


This is the Pathway for my Understanding, much like my best friend from 6TH GRADE on, who coined these words for my latest website; Pathways to Understanding; she always reminds me to BELIEVE in DIANA ~. Thank you SEANEY!


And always important to ask myself when unsure of my plight, “ARE MY THOUGHTS COMING FORTH FROM MY HEAD OR MY HEART?”  The answer must be from my Heart, because if they are coming from my Head, that is about ego and nothing good comes from that.  Thanks, MARCY ~


I have been on the road for 4,000 miles on my rig [Jitters & IMAGNE pulling her].  Just came back from British Columbia and Alberta, then northern MT, making my way down to Helena for Jitters to get some problems fixed that cropped up in Canada!  Then south and west for the next leg of my Pathways as I rename Jitters, she was the first leg of Pathways.  .  .


Go in a good way,

Diana Lynn


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