Death in Reel Time by Brynn Bonner is a Real Gem!

Death in Reel Time by Brynn Bonner is a Real Gem!

~ Book Review by Amy Lignor

Death in Reel Time
is a real gem. This, the second ‘Family History Mystery’ by this author, presents  a truly awesome story that adds even extra appeal to anyone interested in the amazing world of genealogy.
death-in-reel-time-9781451661873_lgSophreena McClure and Esme Sabatier have a business that is focused on helping people look up their family histories. Soon the pair is hired to trace the various family trees belonging to one of their friend’s, Olivia Clement. Although the project should be fun, quick and fairly easy, Sophreena and Esme soon discover that the past they are investigating may just have horrible ramifications on the present.


Murder occurs when Olivia’s son-in-law is killed. And as the investigation proceeds, almost all the citizens of Morningside, North Carolina, begin looking at their neighbors in a whole new light. It really feels as if something buried in the past is being unearthed…and it’s not pretty.


One important thing that rests heavily on Olivia’s mind is finding out why her father disappeared before she was born. Apparently, he ran right before the tragedy of Pearl Harbor occurred, and it was assumed by most that he was nothing more than a draft dodger. But as the women get further and further into the mystery of Olivia’s family, both mistrust and deviousness erupt between friends and neighbors.


Before this story reaches its ultimate conclusion many readers will be on their way to look up their own ancestry, because the read is literally that beguiling. A fantastic tale, lovers of mystery will eat up every page and gasp at the truly ‘surprise’ ending that will have one and all eagerly awaiting the next installment in this incredible series. Enjoy!!


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