Circus Elephants

Circus Elephants
When the music began, the Big Top curtains lifted and Jumbo walked into the tent. The elephant lumbered forward, most likely trying to figure out why some sparkly-dressed woman was sitting on top of him. (How those sequins must have scratched!) He would walk around the circles looking bored out of his mind, but he played to the crowd. Sitting on his little stool, he raised his immense front feet into the air. Then, bowing down, he raised his immense back feet into the air. Finally, lifting up that big, old schnoz of his, he trumpeted the announcement: “I have a backache!”


This is when his buddy appeared, wrapped trunks in a sign of brotherhood, and helped his large buddy (who was carrying a little holiday weight), up off that silly little stool. Turning around, trying to outrace that sparkly-dressed female who always wanted to take credit for all their work, the elephants gave a nod to the lion and issued a smile: “You’re next, pal. We’re off to get some water and Advil!” …No wonder the lion roared so loud.


All Hail The Full-Bodied Beauties!


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