Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Le Carre’s Classic

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Le Carre’s Classic:

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold


TOMSpyWhoCameinFromTheColdFor the suspense lover who’s been enjoying books for a while, this 50th anniversary re-release of what many argue is the best spy story every written, will be a great sight to see. For those who haven’t been in the reading biz as long, this book is truly a can’t miss classic!


It is Cold War time and the Berlin Wall is up, casting a shadow over all of Germany. Alec Leamas, a British Intelligence officer, is happy to know that his work is over…or so he thinks. The agents in his network are either running for their lives or turning up dead, the victims of Hans-Dieter Mundt.


Alec is looking forward to going home, or ‘coming in from the cold,’ as it’s stated, but before he can put his feet up and enjoy retirement he’s asked to undertake one last assignment. Enjoying retirement may be tough for Alec anyway, considering that his life on the run has been the only life he can remember. Although actors can play different roles and then dump their costume to return to reality, Alec’s life of deception is hard to cast off.


When Alec is asked to return to East Berlin in order to trap Mundt and put him out of business once and for all, Alec takes on a new role; one that includes a pretend defection where he will provide the East Germans with information that will make them think their head-spy is really a double agent, while putting himself out there as the ultimate bait for Mundt.


New readers, pay attention: Le Carre created such an incredible plot fifty-years ago that readers still want to help Alec get back home and forget all he had to go though while running a spy network during a time of true and utter deviousness. This tale of espionage and adventure is one you won’t soon forget.


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