Archaeology 2016: The Year of Strange Finds Continues

unexplainable discoveries, mummies, Luxor, Russia, Kokorya,Milan, 2,500-year-old Etruscan necropolis, excavation, Curtain Theater, Pinging in Canada, odd discoveries in 2016

  Archaeology 2016: The Year of Strange Finds Continues by Amy Lignor   There have been years and then there have been years, but when it comes to finding amazing, odd, and even unexplainable discoveries, 2016 is right up there with the 1947 Roswell incident – something so great that still remains a subject of […]

The Best & Worst (So Far) of the 2016 NFL Season

2016 NFL season, Amy's Angle, Broncos, Green Bay, Eagles, Seahawks

  The Best & Worst (So Far) of the 2016 NFL Season by Amy Lignor     Okay…we’re almost dead center, folks, so it’s time to sum up the best and silliest actions and reactions that the 2016 NFL season has provided fans thus far.   Analysts are always yapping, and most likely nothing they […]

Curse THIS!

Curse THIS!

  Curse THIS! by Amy Lignor   It was announced yesterday (on The Weather Channel) that New Jersey’s in a drought for the first time since 2001. You know who’s not in a drought anymore? Exactly! Congratulations Chicago…your Cubs did it!   I think we all know that the chant: “Go, Cubs, Go!” will be […]

Saying Goodbye to Legends…

Arnold Palmer, golf legend, lemonade and iced tea, Jose Fernandez, sports legends lost too soon, cuban baseball player, Rest in Peace

    Saying Goodbye to Legends… by Amy Lignor   When someone you admire departs the Earth, it is extremely sad to come to terms with. In the days just passed, people and fans had to deal with the departure of two men from the world of sports. Although one perhaps was not a surprise, […]

There Are Superheroes Among Us

Jonny & Alistair Brownlee, ultimate superhero, what really counts, Spanish Triathlon Federation, World Triathlon Series, Brownlee Brothers

  There Are Superheroes Among Us by Amy Lignor   This story truly proves that a superhero does not require a cape, tights, or the ability to fly. In a world where all headlines seem to be centered around who shot who, who is being put upon, who’s “getting away with it” – all the […]

The Season Begins

Football, Tis the Season, choices, picks, bring home the trophy, Super Bowl, best of the best, AFC

  The Season Begins by Amy Lignor   Yes, it’s finally time to get down to some real business when it comes to the world of sports. (No offense to Serena at the U.S. Open, but her constant winning is not exactly new.) All this rain across the country has assured that lawns will be […]

Get Ready for Football!

Chip Kelly, Robert Griffin IIIl, NFL, Denver, Broncos, Washington, Redskins, Rob Gronkowski

  Get Ready for Football! by Amy Lignor   There is a time every year where suddenly the sports news gets far more interesting. No. I’m not talking about the Olympics. Thus far the only thing anyone wants to hear about where Rio is concerned is a virus. What I speak of is that familiar […]

Tiger Woods Opts Out of U.S. Open, Quicken Loans


  Tiger Woods Opts Out of U.S. Open, Quicken Loans By Burt Carey Tiger Woods isn’t ready to stage a comeback just yet. The 14-time major champion sent messages via Twitter and his website Tuesday that he would not be competing at either the U.S. Open at Oakmont next week or the PGA Tour’s Quicken […]

Saying Goodbye to “The Greatest”


  Saying Goodbye to “The Greatest” by Amy Lignor   Tributes came pouring in from all around the world these past few days, as the United States hung their heads to say so long to Muhammed Ali, a man who was most assuredly, “The Greatest.”   Name one. From leaders all over the free world […]

Huge Sports Week Capped by Opening of NBA Championship Series


  Huge Sports Week Capped by Opening of NBA Championship Series By Burt Carey Sports fans didn’t go for wont this past week, and they will have plenty more to witness with this week’s opening of the NBA Championship in a rematch from last year. Basketball fans could be the biggest winners this week as […]