Skeeter SX210

Bay Boat, Gulf of Mexico Fishing, Redfish, Saltwater Fishing, sea Trout, Tapron

  Skeeter SX210 By Craig Lamb After buying a bay boat, why spend more time and money getting it rigged out for your needs? With the Skeeter SX210, you get a boat already factory rigged with the standard accessories and features serious anglers want in a bay boat. Best of all, you get the extras, […]

Former Classic® Winner Jones Has a New Competitor on the Water

Alton Jones, Bass Fishing, Bass Master Classic, Bass Tournament, Yamaha Outboards, Yamaha Pro

  Former Classic® Winner Jones Has a New Competitor on the Water This Season Alton Jones Jr. Joins His Father to Fish the 2017 Bassmaster Classic® and the Elites Never, in all of his previous 26 seasons of bass tournament competition, has Alton Jones been concerned with how many fish any other anglers may be […]

Dialing in Docks to Up Your Bass Game

Bass Fishing, bass lures, fishing structure, Jigs, Large Mouth Bass, Lures, Small Mouth Bass

  Dialing in Docks to Up Your Bass Game Virtually every angler on the water these days is well aware that boat docks hold bass throughout the year.  However, not all anglers approach dock fishing with the correct tackle and strategy to make the most of their time on the water.  Fine-tuning your approach by […]

The Versatile Ballyhoo

Bait Fish, Ballyhoo, Coastal Chaos, Marlin Fishing

  The Versatile Ballyhoo By Capt. Gus Cane When targeting reef and offshore gamefish, the versatile ballyhoo is an excellent bait choice. Fished whole or cut into chunks, ballyhoo will entice everything from snapper to dolphin to blue marlin. It’s readily available, either live or frozen, and can be rigged in a variety of ways. […]

Can You Trust Your Fishfinder?

Bass Fishing, Depth finder, Find Fish Habitat, Garmin, Lake Mapping, Structure, Walleye Fishing

  Can You Trust Your Fishfinder? Before Lowrance invented and sold the first recreational sonar product for fishermen in 1957, many anglers focused their time on the water searching for gamefish near or around the shoreline. The reason is simple: When you can see fish-holding structure along the bank of a lake, you are more […]

Introducing the all-new Tidewater 320 CC Adventure

Bay Boat, Family Recreational Boating, Saltwater Fishing, Tidewater Boats, Yamaha Outboards

  Introducing the all-new Tidewater 320 CC Adventure By Craig Lamb Luxury appointments and the durability, toughness, and fishability required by serious saltwater anglers. Combining the comfort and style of a yacht into a boat designed for offshore fishing is a tall order. But the engineers and designers at Tidewater Boats did it all in […]

Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years

angler, boating, Depth finder, Fish Finder, FISH-LO-K-TOR, fishing, GPS, Lake Mapping, Mapping, Professional Angler, Recreational Fishing, Sonar

  Lowrance Continues to Dominate After 60 Years  For six decades, the iconic brand Lowrance has led the fishing and boating industries in product innovation and customer service, supported professional anglers around the globe and dominated the tournament trail. But how did it all begin? Founded by Darrell J. Lowrance, the company revolutionized the fishing […]

Smoking Venison the Right Way

food preservation, art of smoking, healthy alternative, ultimate venison smoke, simple steps, health benefits

  Smoking Venison the Right Way Historically, it was all about food preservation when it came to the art of smoking. Native Americans and early settlers used the process of smoking for their venison, beef and pork, making it an integral part of our cultural past. In 2017, of course, smoking methods are far more […]

Skeeter WX2060 big boat for big water

bass, Big water, Deep V Hull, fishing, Skeeter Boats, Walleye Fishing

  Skeeter WX2060 big boat for big water By Craig Lamb When you move up to a 20-foot multi-species boat, you expect more of everything. The Skeeter WX2060 delivers with more cockpit space, storage, and standard options than any boat in its class. At 20′ 6″ the WX2060 is rigged with the economical and powerful […]

Trout Fishing is a Passion in the Colorado Mountains

Colorado Fly Fishing Adventures, corporate & personal, group fly fishing trips, Gold Medal streams, private ranches, incredible fishing conditions

  Trout Fishing is a Passion in the Colorado Mountains   From personal to corporate trips; from family who wish to enjoy the sport to a group of professional anglers who wish to compete, the Colorado Mountains provide a place where everyone can achieve their individual goals. It is important to note that fishing is […]