Groundswell for Chazelle!

Damien Chazelle, The “La La Land” Interview, with Kam Williams, Whiplash, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, Lionsgate

  Damien Chazelle The “La La Land” Interview with Kam Williams Groundswell for Chazelle! Damien Chazelle wrote and directed the Academy Award-winning Whiplash which landed five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for Chazelle. The movie won a trio of Oscars in the Film Editing, Sound Mixing and Supporting Actor (J.K. Simmons) […]

Reality May Be All Virtual…Sooner Than You Think

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  Reality May Be All Virtual…Sooner Than You Think by Amy Lignor   2016 gave us a lot of memories – both bad and good – that have now become a part of history. From fashion to design to politics (ugh), 2016 was most definitely a year to remember (or forget, depending on how you […]

Home Design Goes “Green” in 2017

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  Home Design Goes “Green” in 2017 by Amy Lignor   The term “going green” usually refers to environmental/ecological subjects. However, green has actually been chosen as the color for 2017; the various tones and hues of green will be the color of the majority of products for the world of home design. We will […]

This Year’s Fashion: Say Goodbye to Romance & Hello to Power

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  This Year’s Fashion: Say Goodbye to Romance & Hello to Power by Amy Lignor   The runway models have done the walks, showing everyone the trends and hottest looks for 2017. Oddly enough, when it came to a great many European shows, the “in” color they focused on for this year was…pink. Many will […]

Rapport with Moore!

Shemar Moore, "The Bounce Back” Interview, with Kam Williams

  Shemar Moore “The Bounce Back” Interview with Kam Williams Rapport with Moore! Shemar Franklin Moore was born in Oakland, California on April 20, 1970 to an African-American father and a mother of Irish and French-Canadian extraction. Shemar spent his early years abroad with his single-mom in Denmark and Bahrain until the two returned from […]

Making Your Health “Resolute”

New Year’s Resolutions, 2017, good health, happiness

  Making Your Health “Resolute” by Amy Lignor   It is time for those New Year’s Resolutions to be made. We all know the ones most likely being placed on lists everywhere: stop smoking and lose weight. Why? Because these have always been the top two when it comes to goals, so that the next […]

Christmas Style: The Past Still Wins by a Landslide

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  Christmas Style: The Past Still Wins by a Landslide by Amy Lignor   Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.   Even the words […]

After the Strike

Featured_George Mitchel_Yamaha Outboards_Coastal Chaos_11

  After the Strike By Capt. Gus Cane World record-holders will quickly agree there is much more to skilled angling than simply finding and hooking a fish. The battle, especially with large, powerful game fish, is just beginning after the strike. In order to successfully whip an adversary that often exceeds the strength of the […]

Carolina Skiff Christmas Wish List

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  Carolina Skiff Christmas Wish List By Craig Lamb When Santa Claus isn’t aboard a sleigh he’s fishing from a Carolina Skiff. Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus the versatile, dependable lineup of Carolina Skiff models should be on top of any coastal angler’s Christmas wish list. A top choice for fishing in […]

Covering the Column

Water Columns_Coastal Chaos_Yamaha Outboards_Featured

  Covering the Column By Capt. Gus Cane Angling success is tied directly to the laws of probability. The number of baits presented is proportional to the number of fish that can be caught. And the most effective way to present those various baits is by covering the entire water column. Here are several ways […]