Buying & Selling: Learning the Art of the Tag Sale

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  Buying & Selling: Learning the Art of the Tag Sale by Amy Lignor   When people speak about making a few extra bucks, there is more than one way to skin a cat these days. Perhaps you’re trying to save up for a vacation for the family to take this summer. Perhaps you are […]

Auto Sales Have Not Soared As First Predicted

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  Auto Sales Have Not Soared As First Predicted by Amy Lignor   When 2017 first began, it was stated by financial and industry “experts” that the auto realm would continue to have yet another amazing year. 2016 was a thrill ride when it came to auto sales, yet now that sales figures have been […]

Made in the U.S.A. Should be the #1 Path for Businesses

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  Made in the U.S.A. Should be the #1 Path for Businesses by Amy Lignor   The popular show called “Shark Tank” offers investors that back up small businesses – businesses that then turn around and make millions and are able to hire more and more American workers each year, still mentions something that breaks […]

How Are Retail Sales in 2017?

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  How Are Retail Sales in 2017? E-Commerce Reigns by Amy Lignor   Despite consumer uncertainty, as well as a very sluggish beginning to 2017, the U.S. retail sales industry is projected to increase 4% this year. Headlines show that many retailers and companies posted “soft” holiday sales to end 2016, which caused some notable […]

Business Industries to Explore in 2017

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  Business Industries to Explore in 2017 by Amy Lignor   It’s no surprise that with the popular TV show “Shark Tank” taking over the headlines, promoting small businesses and giving people the chance to ‘make it big,’ that the industry researchers have gotten together a list of the very best opportunities when it comes […]

Spotlight on Africa

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  Spotlight on Africa by Amy Lignor   As the year winds down and comes to a close, it is Africa that is receiving some headlines that call for many changes and improvements to be made in the coming years. It was Ambassador Amina Mohamed (Nairobi, Kenya) that spoke recently about the African Union Commission […]

We Are Still…All in This Together!

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  We Are Still…All in This Together! by Amy Lignor   December 7, 1941. Sunday morning was lovely on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. A typical Sunday, in fact, where people were moving calmly and in a relaxed “weekend-mode” stance at the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet Headquarters. Just before the clocks struck 8:00 a.m., however, […]

Charity Begins at Home

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  Charity Begins at Home by Amy Lignor   Turning a blind eye is easy for some; preferred by others. But the fact is that the bad doesn’t become good – in any area – unless eyes are open wide to not only see what’s occurring, but also to gain the knowledge needed to stop […]

Black Friday May Turn 100% Digital Very Soon

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  Black Friday May Turn 100% Digital Very Soon by Amy Lignor   Boy, have times changed. There were millions once upon a time who waited in line until the doors opened on Black Friday in order to get that perfect gift they just had to have that was on sale for that one day […]

That’s Right: Silly Makes Money

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  That’s Right: Silly Makes Money by Amy Lignor   One of the most often seen headlines of late comes from the world of entrepreneurs: how up-and-comers with silly ideas are raking in the dough and living large. Whether this is because there are no jobs out there and people have to take it upon […]