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Houston, TX: Buyers & Sellers of Property Rejoice with the Republic Ranches Team


In Houston, Texas land doesn’t only sell inside the Loop. In fact, when it comes to ranch land outside the Houston area, buyers are discovering some of the most lucrative and exciting deals available in the country.


The Houston office of Republic Ranches, LLC is operated by Jeff Boswell. As one of the owners of this Texas and Oklahoma licensed farm and ranch brokerage firm that represents both buyers and sellers of farms, ranches and other rural properties throughout the state, Jeff is a wealth of talent, professionalism, dependability, and success in the Houston branch. Five branches total are available in Texas, including; Austin, Dallas, Hondo, San Antonio and, of course, Houston. And when it comes to Houston properties both buyers and sellers are thrilled with the incredible Republic Ranches team.


Republic Ranches, Texas Real Estate

Republic Ranches, Texas Real Estate

More and more city dwellers are buying up land to not only utilize as a financial investment, but also for the pure enjoyment of being a landowner. It is not an over-exaggeration when people speak of Texan’s love of the land; this is an area that has a unique appeal for anyone looking to be a part of both beauty and industry. When it comes to the ranches surrounding Houston, a checklist of buyers’ wants and needs are available. From beautiful trees to landscapes that offer amazing habitats for all wildlife, as well as plenty of lakes for fishing and hunting ducks, Houston has it all. In other words, once purchasing real estate in this area the charm will be so great that future generations of your family will remain for decades to come. Property available around Houston offers not only the perfect getaway for some, but because of the proximity to the big city, a buyer is gifted with both country living and city ease.


Jeff Boswell has seen a trend showing more and more people from Houston and Dallas jumping on board and gathering up large ranches just outside of Houston as fast as possible. In fact, sales in the last year are probably the highest seen since the early 1990’s. A typical ranch runs between 500 to 3,000 acres, with most wooded and containing water features, like the lakes and ponds land owners and recreational buyers are looking for. Not to mention, many buyers who are in the oil and gas industry see areas within three hours of Houston in high demand.


Included in the Houston office team with Jeff are Kate Gibson, an agent who is a native Houstonian specializing in equestrian farm and ranch sales. And Dan Flournoy, an advisor who helps ranch owners by offering them the much-needed data on how to manage their properties more effectively and economically.


With all areas being served by Republic Ranches, buyers and sellers in the Houston area are provided the perfect crew to locate, market and consult on Texas properties. Sellers receive the most innovative ways to market their properties. While buyers are given the most accurate market data to establish the perfect piece of Texas just for them. From wildlife to land and water management programs, the Houston team of Republic Ranches, LLC is one group that will not stop until all Houston properties reach their fullest potential.


Original Source Houston News


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