A Good Foot Massage is a Blessing

A Good Foot Massage is a Blessing

 ~ James Moore

People love to have a foot massage; this is a fact, not an assumption. Whether it be the working woman or man coming home, taking off their shoes after a long day of running around, a foot massage feels amazing and releases tension built up from the daily grind. This is especially true for the ones in high heels.


footBut a foot massage is not just about relaxation; it is also not just a way to make the feet feel better. There is an actual science behind the foot massage that’s literally an accepted alternative medicine around the globe.


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When it comes to the feet, as well as the hands, applying pressure with thumb, finger and hand techniques brings a physical change to the body. While some trapped in the core of science do not believe this to be true, when it comes to being an effective treatment for a medical condition, millions can say that the application of pressure to the feet and hands can bring about relief; hence, overcoming the very real pain that anxiety and stress does to the human body.


This is a natural healing art that was once based on a principle that reflexes in the feet, hands and ears actually exist; and these particular parts of the body brought aid to larger organs or glands. The application of pressure on the feet and hands was shown to improve circulation and helped promote the natural function of other parts of the body.


The pressure received in the feet may send signals that helps to balance the nervous system, or release  endorphins that reduce stress and pain. Now whether or not these hypotheses are accepted or rejected by the medical community is a moot point, especially when the person receiving the massage feels their tension leave their body, and their joints and muscles unwind. In other words, it is a fact – even without  scientific data – that the patients feel better. Period.


The foot massage, as well as the area of reflexology in general, is not exactly a new theory that needs to be proven. There are reliefs on the walls of a Sixth Dynasty Egyptian tomb (c. 2450 B.C.) that depict two seated men receiving massage on their hands and feet. Even the one mind that the AMA looks up to, Hippocrates, actually was the mentor of another who wrote about the fact that hands and feet must be rubbed in order to help another source of pain.


Applying pressure to hands and feet actually acts as anesthesia, allowing a cure to be administered. This is because the hands and feet are overly sensitive, and if they are relaxed a calm takes over other parts of the body.


Whether Reflexology is a myth, doesn’t truly matter. Zone therapy – the belief that the human body is divided into ten longitudinal zones and that pressure on one part of a zone could affect everything else in it, seems to be true.


In addition to manipulating the pressure points on the foot, reflexologists sometimes take extra care on hands or ears to trigger the full relaxation that the body needs in order to achieve overall calm. Some people even report that they feel hot or cold sensations when the pressure is applied, which again proves the thought behind the fact that the brain is attached to these zones.


Just to be clear, of course, a foot massage and the art of Reflexology are separate. Reflexology experts need to know the “zone theory” which outlines the principles of acupressure and the body’s energy pathways. Whereas a foot massage or rub does not take this background in order to offer it to a client or patient.


In the end, whether science or myth, the massaging of the hands and feet bring the relaxation everyone needs. And to be provided with that relaxation inside a MassageLuXe that caters to every person – is a true blessing in this anxious world.







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