‘A Game of Gridiron Thrones’ May Be Necessary

‘A Game of Gridiron Thrones’ May Be Necessary
~ Amy Lignor

NFL fans are already going to assume this article is about RGIII, the QB that was going to be a gift from the heavens above for both professional football and the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, as everyone now can see, that is not the case. Nor, is it the case that this NFL article is centered on him (the title had to have the ‘III’ only because the ‘To’ had been used).
Dumb & Dumber IIIThere are some really dippy, dumb things happening in the NFL. A lot are coming from the unbelievably dumb questions shot at the players from reporters, but considering reporters are allowed to speak because of America’s freedoms, that part is never going to end. There are some stars that shine: Brady, Green Bay, even Russell Wilson who has to put up with a team that needs to shut up and bow down before the guy, considering he’s doing 80% of the work. But there are also things that are taking up time and annoying fans.
Take the Niners…please. No, just kidding. BUT, this was one of the most respected teams in the business. The QB, Kap, is a good QB. He also has the ‘meat and potatoes’ skill and the ability to run while carrying six defenders on his back into the end zone. The guy is good. The guy is young, but good. He is also one of those QB’s who was thrown into the spotlight, achieved greatness very fast, garnered advertising gigs immediately…and now has to pay his dues, bigtime. But the interviews? This is where the ‘kid’ part of Kap comes into play. I won’t speak. I’ll give one-word answers. I’ll wear a mean, angry face with my headphones around my neck and play the petulant child. These are growing pains, I’m sure. But please, grow up faster. The coach? Harbaugh is a good coach. He has proved this over the years. But even when the empty words of everything’s okay, yada, yada, yada, are spoken – fans are not believing what’s being said. Harbaugh also has the same petulant expression – so either he is gone from San Francisco next year, or he and his QB are planning to escape and both go to the Raiders. Course…now that the Raiders got their very FIRST win of the ENTIRE season off San Francisco, they might want to try a different location. Really…wait until next week. If the Niners lose at Seattle (IF probably should be WHEN in this sentence), I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them arrested for spray painting curse words on Seattle’s locker-room doors.


Hoyer versus ‘Johnny Football’: please give the fans a break. Yes, Hoyer ain’t great, but he’s also not bad. Really. The loss was 24-25 yesterday and shouldn’t have happened. The only thing that’s being spoken about, however, is whether Johnny being in would have saved the day. That’s the past, guys. You have no looking glass to see what would have happened with the rookie. In fact, if you did, you might just see a far worse game with the Browns only scoring 10 points or less. We’ll never know. Should Hoyer be replaced, now? That’s NOT the point. The replacement is not the issue. Both QB’s can play in a game if they want to…just WIN the game. Yapping about who may be better does nothing. And if you don’t believe me, may I present to you the Jets?


The Saints fighting? The Saints? Come on. If someone is to throw a punch in the NFL, I would expect it to be Harbaugh. Or, even funnier, if Belichick suddenly got a question from a reporter he didn’t like, tilted his head and gave them that: Are you really that stupid? look and calmly, of course, punched their lights out. Now, THAT would be funny. You know he wants to. This guy has had dreams of shoving that red challenge flag down someone’s throat for years.


And the Rams suddenly awakening? They should have done that a while ago considering they have the team to do that with. They beat the unbeatable Manning, for goodness sake. Right? Even Peyton was on camera looking around trying to figure out how he woke up in the Twilight Zone. It was not a surprise they kicked butt yesterday, what IS a surprise is that it’s taken them this long to figure out that the season’s started.


Another dumb part of this whole season? People barely speak about the Cardinals rising into the air. Which is odd, considering the Cardinals are in first place and won again yesterday. People are so focused on whether or not Seattle can get back-to-back Super Bowls (which they’re not going to, but it is nice to hope), that the Cardinals – the team WINNING; in FIRST PLACE – don’t seem to be getting any credit for their hard work. And it has been hard. They’ve gone through QB after QB and have held it together, so where is their ‘Sunday Football’ exactly?


So go ahead, Bill Belichick…even the fans – no matter what team they’re voting for – are so tired of the ‘dumb’ out there that they, too, want to see Game of Thrones played on the gridiron and in the locker room with reporters instead of the ridiculousness that’s occurring. If you want to really laugh at Dumb & Dumber – go see the movie.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle

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